Current longer writing projects

I am currently on hiatus from art criticism (through 2019) to focus on two longer creative projects.


Protea, or how to escape

Structured in part on a retelling of the Odyssey & told largely from the point of view of a protea plant and a herd of seals, this project began as a science fiction novel set in the crisis of third-century Rome. I read a selection from this novel in progress at Wolfman Books in Oakland in October 2017. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 4.04.49 PM.png

Museum access, space medicine, and submarine taxis. 

This piece expands on an invited talk I gave in September 2017 as part of the Place Talks series at the Prelinger Library in San Francisco. I am interested in how solving problems of access in museums is tied to both technologies of virtual presence and histories of creating prostheses for real bodies to travel to otherwise impossible spaces.