Libraries & Publishing

Providing access to information is a fundamentally creative act.

Providing access to academic research and knowledge is a crucial social good, and supporting this work has become one of my strongest callings.

I am very lucky to have ended up in the world of libraries and scholarly publishing. When I started publishing in my field as a doctoral student, I became fascinated by the processes involved in academic publishing and where I thought they could be improved. Since I left academia in 2014, I’ve worked on journal platforms, digital repositories, and library software. I currently work at the California Digital Library, a systemwide library for the University of California, where I focus on supporting the UC’s open access policies and acting as the publication program manager for our journals program. I am currently completing my Masters in Library and Information Science degree part time, where I am on the “emerging technologies” track.

My work in libraries/information infrastructure and the creative projects I pursue are deeply entwined. Much of my writing and thinking currently takes place at the Prelinger Library in San Francisco, where I was an official writer in residence during the spring and summer of 2018 after many years of research visits. The Prelinger inspires me through its imagination, innovation, and community; and it has grounded my hopes for all libraries and knowledge-sharing platforms.

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Providing access to information is a fundamentally creative act

Prelinger Library, San Francisco