While I’m on permanent leave from my doctoral program to pursue other passions, I still occasionally publish and present paper talks in my field of ancient Greek rhetoric. My graduate training in rhetoric, classics, and art history has helped me become an analytical yet inventive thinker, and I am forever grateful to my advisors, professors, and colleagues in ancient rhetoric.

Brief academic bio: I am a PhD candidate and University Fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago (all but dissertation status) on permanent hiatus from my program, and a previous visiting researcher at Berkeley's Department of Rhetoric. My academic research explores the intersections between rhetorical theory and aesthetics in the Hellenistic tradition, focusing on the rhetorical force of visual and imaginary images in theory and practice from Aristotle through the Second Sophistic. (Jim Elkins has written about my work on ekphrasis and phantasia in Writing With Images.) 

Current and upcoming academic publications and presentations:

Proposed panel talk on ekphrasis and hospitality for Rhetoric Society of America conference, May 2020.

Past academic publications and presentations: 

"Extended Note: Aristotle’s Rhetorical Energeia," in Advances in the History of Rhetoric, November 2017.

Presentation on Theophrastus and vegetal rhetorics for "The Nature of Rhetoric" panel, American Society for the History of Rhetoric conference, November 2016.

Review of Kathleen Lamp's A City of Marble: The Rhetoric of Augustan Rome in Advances in the History of Rhetoric, March 2016. 

Presenter and chair, "Visualization and Vivacity, Seeing and Knowing," Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Atlanta, May 2016.

“Philostratus' Revisions of Platonic Mimesis,” Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Atlanta, May 2016.

Review of Anne Shepard's The Poetics of Phantasia: Imagination in Ancient Aesthetics in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, April 2015.

Presenter and chair, "Parrhesia and Sophistry: Foucault's History of Rhetoric in the Late Lectures," American Society for the History of Rhetoric at the National Communication Association Conference, November 2014.

Energeia, Phantasia, and Rhetorical Presence in Aristotle,” Rhetoric Society of America Conference Research Network, San Antonio, May 2014.

"Theories of Rhetoric, Rhetoric as Theory," Theory/Post-Theory Conference, Berkeley Department of Rhetoric, April 2014